Cascades is proud to offer even more sustainable alternatives for hard-to-recycle packaging with a brand new line of produce baskets with flaps

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KINGSEY FALLS, QC, Jan. 31, 2024 - Cascades is pleased to announce the launch of new produce basket designs for the produce sector.

Made from up to 100% recycled fibres, these new produce baskets with flaps offer produce growers a sustainable alternative to replace more hard-to-recycle packaging.

Designed according to recognized eco-design principles, these products are in keeping with a circular economy approach. By using recycled and recyclable corrugated cardboard in its design, Cascades is supporting its customers by reducing their environmental impact while meeting consumer demand for increasingly environmentally friendly packaging.

Innovative packaging design prevents consumers from handling products and helps keep fruits and vegetables intact throughout the logistic chain. They include a closure system that prevents products from falling, without compromising visibility inside the packaging.

"These new corrugated basket formats for fresh fruit and vegetables enhance our innovative product offering for the produce sector, while allowing us to continue to meet the highest standards of environmental responsibility," said Charles Malo, President and Chief Operating Officer, Cascades Containerboard Packaging

Available in two different models and four different sizes, from the new ½ dry quart snack size to the 1 L size, these baskets can be used to market a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, from berries to tomatoes and tree grown fruit. The basket's multiple customization options offer a competitive advantage and will make produce brands stand out on the shelf with high-quality flexographic, lithographic and digital printing options.

More information on flap baskets

Founded in 1964, Cascades offers sustainable, innovative and value-added packaging, hygiene and recovery solutions. The Company employs 10,000 talents across a network close to 75 facilities in North America. Driven by its participative management, half a century of experience in recycling, and continuous research and development efforts, Cascades continues to provide innovative products that customers have come to rely on, while contributing to the well-being of people, communities and the entire planet. Cascades' shares trade on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol CAS.

Source: Cascades