Customer story: Increased speed, better bonding and lower cost in the corrugated plant

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The corrugated business is an industry always in development. After five years of looking into the corrugated industry and how Exilva can be applied to different glue recipes, we have seen elevating results at more than 70 corrugators around the world.

Timer after time customer’s state great results. Our latest success story involves a trip to one of the biggest players in the industry. Our common mission was to fix edge delamination that occurs at slitter scorer on double wall and heavy single wall. Names and location of the customer has been anonymized. 

Avoiding delamination and keeping up the speed or even better, to increase the speed, is an important part of the everyday life in a corrugated plant. A stable glue which you can apply more efficiently, enables you to reduce the consumption. This is desirable both from a cost and sustainability point of view.

Exilva has proven to help the bonding when delamination at the edges is the bottleneck for keeping up the speed. This goes especially for Double Wall at the middle Upper Double Backer (DB) gluing, but also at the lower DB, when the liner is heavy like (>250 gsm / 51 lb/ft2 ) Kraft liner. At this specific corrugator we saw a speed increase up to 46 % (See results down below).

“After using Exilva we haven’t seen delamination on our heavy grades at our converting machines. We have seen a general increase in speed and are working for further increase. We have started to reduce glue add on as we started using Exilva." - Plant supervisor

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We also notice that Exilva stabilizes the glue against retrogradation, and high shear forces, which can be the case when storage tanks are far away from the corrugator. Starch glue then has a tendency to break down when the pump needs more than 3 bars to keep up the flow. Exilva’s rheology features improve the storage and shear stability of the glue and hence reduces the breakdown and facilitates more efficient application of the glue.

“The viscosity is more stable in the Exilva recipe. In the past it dropped in viscosity during the day, but now it keeps the viscosity."  - Glue Kitchen Responsible

At this customer’s corrugator plant, we once again saw that Exilva makes a robust and cost-efficient glue which enables higher speed without delamination. This improves the sustainability and lowers the cost.

Exilva can be used in all glue processes and with different kinds of starches, including one bag mixes (OBM). However, any potential improvement must be documented by running Exilva trials measured against its benchmark, as every corrugator is quite different. Until now, the Exilva glue has allowed users to increase speed until another bottleneck came up, for example take off from the stacker or the order length.

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In principle you can use your existing glue recipe and add Exilva directly without adaptations. During our five years of exploring the corrugated industry we have never experienced any hazard when customers tested Exilva in their recipe.

As a service to help you succeed, we offer several options for assisted trial runs. Firstly, a trial run includes a free pallet of Exilva, and one of our experts will help you determine the product and solution best fit for your production.

Secondly, we offer technical experts to assist you when introducing Exilva - both in the glue kitchen and in the glueing process. This service is either on-site or through a remote assisted HoloLens concept.

Lastly, you are very welcome to give us a call or send us an email to discuss options for products, solutions and trials. We’re flexible and happy to help.

Still not sure if Exilva will help your corrugator excel? Drop a comment below and we'll answer your questions!

About the Author

Steen Jacobsen started working in the paper and corrugated industry in 1988. Through his working years in the industry he worked in both sales and technical service. He developed an in-depth understanding of starch glues, additives and corrugator settings. Since 2018, Steen has worked as a technical application manager for Exilva. Steen has a bachelor degree in mechanical engineering and chemical process engineering as his major from København Teknikum (Technical University of Denmark).

Source: Exilva