International Paper, Mill of the Future (video)

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Our vision for the Mill of the Future is not just in one location, but leverages the full power of network-based data technology to improve performance.

Located in the heart of Technology Square in Atlanta, Ga., the the Advanced Analytics Center (A2C) is a centralized, cross-functional team using advanced analytics tools to accelerate non-capital manufacturing cost savings. This team remotely monitors data captured from our mills and works directly with mill reliability teams to notify when there’s a deviation from a healthy operation giving the mill time to react to avoid unplanned downtime and increased repair costs.

Want to see how they do it? Watch a video on how the A2C and the Prattville, Ala. Mill work hand-in-hand. Over the past two years, the team has made tremendous strides to increase the speed of moving vast amounts of raw data to enhance the decisions made in the field concerning processes and equipment at our mills. These achievements are building the foundation to realize our Building a Better IP goals.

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Source: International Paper