Klabin launches PineFluff eXcel, a fluff pulp made from a mix of softwood and hardwood fibers

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Only company in Brazil to offer softwood and hardwood pulp solutions, Klabin achieves a fiber mix that offers benefits such as compaction and fluid retention and distribution

São Paulo, October 17, 2022 – Committed to bringing to market innovative solutions that increase productivity and sustainability, Klabin announces the launch of PineFluff eXcel, a fluff pulp made from a mix of fibers (eucalyptus hardwood pulp and pine softwood pulp) targeting the hygiene products market (baby and adult diapers, sanitary pads, pet mats, etc.). A global pioneer in combining pine and eucalyptus fibers, the solution expands alternatives for innovative designs that improve aspects such as fluid retention and distribution as well as softness of the end product reaching consumers.

Laboratory studies showed excellent potential for defibrated material, which enhances the perception of softness to touch and comfort during product use. The solution also brings competitive advantages for distribution logistics, packaging optimization and lower energy consumption during production.

Alexandre Nicolini, Klabin’s Pulp Business Officer, explained that the company has been investing constantly in research and innovation to expand wood’s potential applications and consequently the solutions offered to the market. “The production of softwood pulp, which comes from pine, is one of Klabin’s greatest competitive advantages. Developing solutions based on a mix of fibers is on our roadmap, especially because it enables us to leverage the use of each fiber to deliver products optimized to clients’ needs and that combine traditional operational performance with superior application properties,” he explained.

In line with the Company’s efforts to drive innovation, PineFluff eXcel is the result of approximately five years of work at Klabin’s Technology Center located in Telêmaco Borba, Paraná, with support from the commercial, R&D, industrial and technical support teams . The company already was analyzing, in accordance with its project pipeline, the production of a mix of fibers in a single product and identified in the market demand for alternatives complementing 100% softwood pulp that deliver good application performance. The product is available in the domestic and international markets.

Note that PineFluff eXcel, which is being produced by the Puma Unit in Ortigueira, Paraná, was designed to be delivered to clients in the form of single-ply reels, which can be used in the production of different absorbent products. To optimize production, Klabin invested in a project to integrate its softwood and hardwood pulp production lines, which should be concluded in the first quarter of 2023.

“Innovation is in Klabin’s DNA, and once again we are at the vanguard of launches that combine productivity with competitiveness to offer clients a pioneering solution. PineFluff eXcel complements and improves Klabin’s portfolio of solutions that meet the many different needs of clients,” said Nicolini.

klabin 24oct22 2Puma Unit, Ortigueira/PR

Source: Klabin