Meet the Eco-Packaging Innovations Transforming the Drinks Industry

Green Gen Bottle. Photo courtesy of Green Gen Technologies.

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A new generation of products aims to shrink the carbon footprint of wine, spirits, and beer for a more sustainable future

As a drinks writer, I get sent a lot of bottles in a lot of packaging. Among recent deliveries: three mattress-thick, plastic-wrapped slabs of molded foam cushioning a single liter of boxed wine; a styrofoam shell made for three 750-milliliter bottles containing one half-bottle of vermouth; a heavy glass bottle of “sustainable” Malbec in a bed of styrofoam peanuts; and eight tiny, unbreakable Burgundy samplers in 20-milliliter plastic bottles nested in a shippable box that was itself swaddled in bubble wrap and tucked inside a much larger carton.


Source: SevenFiftyDaily


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