Metsä Board complements its food service board portfolio to reduce the use of plastic

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Metsä Board has added two new board grades with a lower amount of PE coating to its food service board portfolio.

By reducing plastic in paperboard we can help our customers lower their carbon footprint of their packaging and support the circular economy and recycling.

Using less plastic also helps our customers to comply with the packaging related regulation.

The product range of MetsäBoard Natural FSB Cup has been expanded by the addition of two new product grades in line with customer needs:

MetsäBoard Natural FSB Cup 1PE 0/11 is a one-side PE coated paperboard that can be used for hot cups, plates and various food service packaging that require a barrier against liquid.

MetsäBoard Natural FSB Cup 2PE 11/11 is a two-side PE coated paperboard that can be used for cold cups, ice cream and frozen food packaging to achieve a barrier against liquid and moisture.

Both grades are available in baseboard weights 185–310 g/m2 (114-190  lbs/3000 sf). The new products can be ordered from this date onward.

Source: Metsä Board