Paper or plastic? Paper, of course!

Paper Advancement
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Sustainable packaging is a key factor in Kellogg’s™ Better Days Promise to advance sustainable and equitable access to food.

Since traditional plastic liners in cereal boxes are not widely recyclable curbside, Kellogg Europe tested new paper liners in boxes of Corn Flakes® at select Tesco stores in 2022. The trial produced thousands of cartons without a single modification to Kellogg’s production equipment or Tesco’s in-store processes. 

The paper-based liners preserve the cereal’s freshness as effectively as its plastic counterpart and makes the entire cereal carton recyclable through more readily available methods.  

“Tesco has really taken a leadership role, globally, for its sustainability efforts, so they were quite happy and willing to take part in the trial,” says Janice Murphy, Kellogg’s Europe’s Sustainable Packaging Lead. 

“There will be additional factors we have to look at when we enter the next phase of our trial, but we’re hopeful that this will give us a road map for how we can expand paper liners to all cereal boxes in all regions.”

Source: Kellogg Company