Pixelle Launches New Portfolio of Barrier Papers as a Sustainable Replacement to Single Use Plastic Packaging

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New barrier papers engineered for packaging applications

SPRING GROVE, Pa. - Pixelle Specialty Solutions (“Pixelle”) today announced the launch of its new ARMOR brand of barrier paper solutions, featuring FlexArmor for uncoated applications and SelectArmor with a coated surface for enhanced printability. The barrier papers portfolio features a wide range of capabilities from oxygen, aroma, and mineral oil barriers to chocolate, OGR and moisture vapor barriers among several others. Barriers can be applied individually or layered to enhance packaging performance.

“The ARMOR portfolio is supported by a team of engineers across multiple mill locations who can tailor a solution to meet specific performance requirements,” said Bob van Helden, Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing. “For those with a more standard packaging application, Pixelle offers pre-engineered, off-the-shelf solutions that are available today,” said van Helden.

FlexArmor and SelectArmor are PFAS-Free and plastic free. Both product lines are available as FDA-approved for direct and indirect food contact. Basis weights range from 20lb. to 150lb. with functional one-side (F1S) and functional two-side (F2S) performance options. Wet strength is available along with bleached and unbleached options.

“Plastic packaging that can last for centuries is inherently flawed when designed for single-use applications,” said Michelle LeMere, Vice President, Engineered Specialties. “As companies around the world implement new policies to remove polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) and replace single-use plastics with more sustainable alternatives, they can leverage Pixelle’s portfolio of barrier chemistries to help achieve their goals."

About Pixelle Specialty Solutions

Headquartered in Spring Grove, PA, Pixelle Specialty Solutions is a leading manufacturer of specialty papers in North America with one of the most comprehensive portfolios in the industry. Through innovation, quality and collaborative R&D, Pixelle delivers high-performance solutions to help companies transition to more sustainable packaging solutions.

Source: Pixelle