'Seal-me' Topseal Packaging Innovation

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With pride we present our latest packaging innovation: the plastic-free topseal packaging: 'Seal-me'. We have already presented this on Empack and Packaging Innovations as our latest packaging innovation development project.

After further developments and the thorough tests, we have developed a new machine and we can now officially confirm that our Topseal solution is ready for the market! 

adv1 31aug21 2Final developments are made in our R&D studio

Based on our desire to innovate in cardboard packaging solutions, we have taken the challenge to make the sustainable fruit and vegetable containers that we already make, even more sustainable with a plastic-free topseal technique. Wherever our carton containers were first closed with a flow wrap, it is now possible to seal them with an transparent film.

adv1 31aug21 3Presentation at the Empack Packaging Exposition

To do this, we have had to re-design our standard tray and develop a new machine. As a result, we are able to supply tapered tray packs with a sealable folded edge. Revolutionary because a solution like this does not exist yet. Of course, we have patented the new way of sealing foil on cardboard and this packaging is therefore available exclusively only at Remmert Dekker Packaging. Anyone who switches to the 'Seal-me' topseal packaging will immediately benefit from the many benefits and opportunities such as:

  • A totally innovative packaging design with new application possibilities.
  • A sustainable environmentally friendly packaging solution without harmfull plastics.
  • A beuatiful window presentation with full frontal view on the packaged product.
  • A construction that is many times stronger due to the folded edge, with excellent protection of the product.
  • Easy to open, dosage, breathable, food safe and reclosable
  • Stackable, 3-way displayable, recyclable, and so on!

The possibilities are endless and we would like to discuss them with you. Do you have a question, or already a product that can be packaged in our 'Seal-me' tray? Please contact us quickly, or plan an appointment with one of our packaging sales experts.

We already have some suggestions for the 'Seal-me' tray. What about fruits and vegetables, such as grapes, strawberry boxes or tomato packaging? The switch from plastic containers to cardboard trays has started in recent years. From now on, a next step is also possible with a solution to pack without plastic flow wrap! No more crispy plastics, but a supertight topseal window with a lot of savings on film material. An additional advantage is that the film we use is plastic-free, environmentally friendly and also completely compostable. Ready for the future that is sustainable. We believe in a sustainable future and we work hard to accomplish this every day.

In addition to vegetables and fruits, we are currently developing the 'Seal-me' trays in new formats for fresh herbs and asparagus packaging. In addition, we also see options for day-to-day meals, catering service solutions, candy and confectionery packaging and meat and fish dishes. We are, of course, curious about the reactions from the market, so do not hesitate to let us know about any questions or thoughts on our 'Seal Me' top-seal packaging solution.

The Toppseal can be ordered immediately, we can tailor the design to your wishes in our design studio. By the end of this this year, the 'Seal-me' topseal will be available. Take your chance to be ahead of the competition. Discover the possibilities of topseal in cardboard and join the green revolution in Packaging! We're ready to help you, get in touch, or ask more information and a trial to get to know the Seal Me.

Source: Remmert Dekker Packaging