WetTech® Recyclable Wax Replacement Packaging

Paper Advancement
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Recyclable packaging solutions for wet and humid environments

Protein, produce and other fresh food companies are facing the increasing challenge of satisfying retailer and consumer demands for more circular packaging solutions, while simultaneously ensuring optimal product protection and operational efficiency. As a papermaking technology, WetTech® offers varying levels of moisture resistance and can be leveraged for custom and common packaging footprints to achieve the packaging performance needed for wet and humid environments. A good solution for produce and protein applications, WetTech® is a fiber-based, recyclable alternative to traditional wax-coated and wax-impregnated packaging.



Features and Benefits

  • Recyclable fiber-based alternative to waxed boxes for a more circular solution
  • Engineered to provide the right amount of moisture resistance for specific needs
  • Flexible incorporation for a variety of custom and common footprints and designs
  • Non-wicking formulations for reduced risk of box failure vs. traditional wax-coated and wax-impregnated corrugated boxes in wet, humid and cold environments

Suitable for

  • Food products wet from washing, cooling, condensation or direct liquid contact
  • Iced or flash-frozen food products
  • Direct food contact*


  • Poultry, seafood and other proteins
  • Produce
  • Fresh, processed and frozen foods

* In North American markets - contact a sales representative for information on specific markets and end uses.

Source: WestRock