A new digital tool for forest stewardship passes major development stage

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Through the transition of land tenure, the increasing importance of consultation and co-management, and the impact of climate change, our values system regarding forest resources is shifting.

More diverse resources in the forest are being recognized for their commercial value and new products hold the potential to create value in the forest.

However, current consultation processes are lengthy and complicated, tying up resources on both sides and at the same time excluding other stakeholders such as community members or other parties with interest in forest-based resources.

Innovative visualization tool

To address this situation, FPInnovations with financial support from Natural Resources Canada has started an initiative to support the development of a digital forest stewardship tool for use on Indigenous Traditional Territories.

Developed together with LlamaZOO, industry leader in spatial data and digital twinning solutions, and in consultation with representatives from Indigenous communities and industry partners, the proposed tool aims to visualize forest management planning in a naturally intuitive way to facilitate the consultation between tenure holders and rights holders, pushing it towards successful partnerships in forest management planning.

First testing is underway

The application has passed a major development stage and is now being demonstrated and evaluated through engagement sessions with Indigenous partners. The web-based tool will be available via most internet browsers using cloud computing to facilitate access regardless of client IT infrastructure. Watch the video to learn more about this amazing new tool.

For more information, please contact Christoph Schilling, Manager, Business Development at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Source: FPInnovations