FPInnovations Projects in Northern Ontario Deliver 10:1 ROI

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The Ontario Forest Sector Capacity Building Project (OFSCBP) has been active since the spring of 2021.

This multi-year project promotes and enhances the sustainable use of Ontario wood by taking advantage of FPInnovations’ expertise with support from FedNor and the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation (NOHFC).

The goals of the OFSCB project are to:

  • Build technical and human resources capacity.
  • Help deliver Ontario’s new forest sector strategy.
  • Catalyze innovation and technology uptake within northern Ontario.

The following three types of activities qualify for the OFSCB project:

  • Capacity building activities: provide on-site operational diagnostic, analysis, evaluation, and custom support to existing forestry and wood products businesses. These activities present opportunities for improving productivity, utilization and, ultimately, the bottom line.
  • Best practices workshops: bolster the knowledge and skills of individuals and employers in the forest sector.
  • Webinars: provide state-of-the-art information related to forestry and wood processing.

To date FPInnovations clients have seen an approximate estimated return on investment (project value) of 10:1 for deliveries under the OFSCBP, which to date includes 25 capacity building activities, 13 best practices workshops, and 6 webinars.

Examples of impactful projects delivered include Sawmill Machine Alignment at an estimated value for the client of $400,000, Forest Operations Contractor Diagnostic for an Indigenous owned business at $220,000 value, Forest Operations Processor Accuracy Project at $300,000 value, Forest Roads Grader Workshop at $207,000 value, and many more!

FPI 28dec22 2

Above: Jean Plamondon (Senior Researcher at FPInnovations) using digital calipers on a Processor Accuracy Capacity Building Project. FPInnovations worked with companies, contractors, and OEM representatives to improve both precision and accuracy of processing heads, adding value for both the companies and contractors.

There is a funding limit for each category, and program participants must contribute a minimum of 10% of the cost of the activity.

Eligible clients include the forest industry (companies, contractors), and Indigenous communities and businesses. All clients must be based on Northern Ontario.

Consult our brochure for further information regarding the program or contact Dean Caron (email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or cell phone 807-456-2945).

Source: FPInnovations