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Hydrothermal char production from forestry residues. A techno-economic modelling
Restricted to members of Pulp, Paper, and Bioproducts


Foresterie 4,0. Automisation du secteur forestier. PIRR / RISF Programme Opérations Forestières, décembre 2022
Restricted to members of Forest Operations

Ground-based water-enhancer application for debris-pile burning. A case study in the Calgary forest area

Log-deck fire suppression using high volume water delivery systems

SmartDriver for highway trucking training case study
Restricted to members of Forest Operations

Use of a mobile water delivery system in wildfire operations. A case study in Alberta

Use of high-volume water delivery systems in peat fires. A case study in Central Alberta


FPInnovations’ Roll Testing Facility (RTF)

FPInnovations’ Roll Testing Facility (RTF) video


Canadian Regulations on Formaldehyde Emissions from Composite Wood Products

Expanding wood use towards 2025: fire-resistance of mass timber and connections
Restricted to members of Wood Products

Règlementation canadienne sur les émissions de formaldéhyde des produits de bois composite

Best practices for straight and dimensionally stable lumber. From forest to offsite construction manufacturing

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