FPInnovations releases its Value Delivery Compendium for the year

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FPInnovations invites the forest industry as a whole to take a look at the Value Delivery Compendium for the 2024-2025 fiscal year.

The document is now available for the public to consult in our research library.

The presentation highlights all the challenges that the forest industry is facing as well as the necessary actions required to overcome these obstacles. 

All the work done at FPInnovations begins with the Compendium. It is the finished product of many consultations that took place between the organization’s business partners and the federal and provincial governments. It’s a reflection of everything that the governments and the forest industry need to successfully continue innovating in the field. 

The Compendium is split up into sections that showcase the obstacles facing the different sectors of the forest industry. This includes challenges in the workforce, the different types of materials used, market growth, climate change, and more. 

To create the Compendium, FPInnovations leads consultations with all the parties involved. Extensive meetings take place where the participants discuss what they believe to be the most important issues facing the forest industry. The group then defines what the upcoming challenges are, and the actions needed to overcome those problems. STAC (Strategic and Tactical Advisory Committee) members then approve the document before it is sent over to the research teams. 

The Compendium unites and sparks everything that is done at FPInnovations.