FPInnovations to conduct testbed to support clean energy adoption in the trucking sector

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The adoption of zero emission medium- and heavy-duty vehicles and the development of these technologies is accelerating with transportation companies beginning to integrate zero emission vehicles into their fleets as replacements (or additions to) diesel internal combustion engines.

There remain many questions regarding the operational constraints and opportunities of zero emission heavy trucks and there is a need for further technical information to accelerate and support the adoption of zero emission technologies.

In support of this, Transport Canada has established a Zero Emission Trucking Testbed which was recently launched with FPInnovations’ PIT Group. The testbed will collect real world technical evidence in Canadian conditions to help accelerate the decarbonization of emission-intensive on-road freight.

In this project, FPInnovations will conduct 12-month, operational testing and monitoring of class 8 battery electric trucks in and around the Montreal area. Operating on similar transportation routes, five battery electric trucks, and five diesel trucks will be instrumented, and data collected during this period.

These trucks will be operated by project collaborators Cascade Transport Inc., Loblaw Companies Ltd., and Martin Brower of Canada Co. The trucks involved in this operational monitoring include those from project collaborators GloboCam (Freightliner), Lion Electric, and Volvo Trucks Canada.

The testbed is well underway with technical orientation, fleet training, and first responder training sessions recently and/or soon to be completed. The operational monitoring will begin in March with project completion planned for spring 2025.

For further information, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Manager of FPInnovations’ Transportation and Infrastructure team.

Source: FPInnovations