FSC Canada Announces Name Change from "Aboriginal Chamber" to "Indigenous Chamber"

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FSC Canada is committed to fostering a more inclusive and culturally sensitive environment that acknowledges and respects the rich heritage and contributions of Indigenous Peoples in Canada.

To align with this commitment and FSC International’s global efforts to use ‘Indigenous’ as the preferred terminology to describe the diversity of Indigenous cultures and nations, we have updated the name of the “Aboriginal Chamber” to the “Indigenous Chamber” effective as of July 28, 2023.

The decision to change the chamber's name was made in consultation with members of the Indigenous chamber and reflects their feedback and input. The final decision was also approved by the entire membership of FSC Canada. FSC Canada will continue to use the term "Aboriginal" when referring to constitutionally protected Aboriginal and Treaty rights as per Section 35 of the Constitution Act of 1982.

While the name may change, FSC Canada's dedication to promoting responsible forest management and respecting Indigenous rights and perspectives remains unwavering.

Please note that this change will only be effective in English and the French name will remain “Chambre Autochtone”.

Source: FSC Canada