New chain of custody advice note published

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FSC published ADVICE-40-004-20 V2-0 and expanded the scope of the previous version.

To respond in an expedited manner to the risk of introduction of ineligible inputs of species of a particular risk of integrity, FSC decided to take precautionary measures by expanding the scope of existing Advice Note ADVICE-40-004-20 on “Confirmation of origin for FSC-certified Paulownia products.”

Advice note ADVICE-40-004-20 V2-0 “Confirmation of origin for FSC certified products from species of a particular risk to FSC´s integrity” applies to all CoC-certified and applicant organizations sourcing FSC-certified material or trading products made with species of a particular risk to FSC’s integrity and carrying an FSC claim (See ADVICE-40-004-20 V2-0 Annex I for the lists of the species).

This advice note is effective from 01 January 2024 with a transition end date of 01 April 2024 and can be found in FSC-DIR-40-004 and FSC-DIR-20-011

Source: FSC Canada