Your Everyday Green Swaps

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If you’re trying to reduce your home’s environmental footprint, small tweaks can end up making a big difference.

From sustainable paper towels for your kitchen counters to tissues made for your delicate skin and wipes for your baby’s bottom, we have you covered when it comes to thinking about the ecological impact of your routine, without making you sacrifice any comfort or convenience.  

If you want to make the eco-friendly switch, you’ll be in good company too, since Global Consumer Research shows that 76% of shoppers globally say they strongly believe in the importance of independent certifications, so the FSC seal is more relevant than ever.


Boxed up in sleek tones like marine, blush and goldenrod that can either blend to your décor or bring a pop of colour, Mouche unbleached bamboo facial tissues are the perfect addition to any room in your house. Though they’re pretty on the outside, what’s inside is even better, with 90 3-ply tissues that are 100% FSC-certified.

FSC 26aug22 2

The recyclable paper wrapping on Bonterra toilet paper means there’s no plastic in sight with these septic-safe FSC-certified rolls. Along with being made in Canada, the sustainable toilet paper is hypoallergenic and carbon neutral, so it’s a much-used switch that should be high on your list.

FSC 26aug22 4

Made with recycled paper, Cascades Tuff Enviro paper towel is your kitchen and general spill sidekick. Don’t be fooled by the fluffy bunny mascot, these sheets are tough and super absorbent to help with your sustainable household cleaning. As a an added bonus, using recycled fibers allows the company to save 31.7 million trees from being cut down and the equivalent of enough water to keep Niagara Falls flowing for seven hours.

FSC 26aug22 3

Babies are notorious for being the source of a lot of single-use consumption, but thankfully sustainable products like Attitude biodegradable diaper wipes are paving a way forward with the earth and its forests in mind. This plant-based, fragrance-free option is biodegradable and compostable, along with being soft on their sensitive skin.

FSC 26aug22 5

If you’ve been wanting to get your hands on a biodegradable toothbrush, look no further than The Future is Bamboo toothbrushes, made with FSC-certified materials that make for a clean mouth and environmental footprint alike. Included in four shades to avoid confusing your brush with the others by your sink, these vegan goods are as cute as they are biodegradable and cruelty-free.

FSC 26aug22 6

Though digital versions are often the norm, sometimes there’s nothing like a hard copy, and Lynx Digital printer paper provides the Staples FSC-certified multi-use paper you need for those hands-on moments. From booklets to brochures and that go-to checklist, you’ll be fit-to-print in no time.

FSC 26aug22 7

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Source: FSC