Laurentide Controls Launches Revolutionary Remote Asset Health Monitoring Center

Laurentide Controls
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A New Dawn in Real-Time Asset Monitoring

Laurentide Controls, a leader in the field of asset monitoring and reliability, has announced the launch of its cutting-edge Remote Asset Health Monitoring Center. This state-of-the-art facility, created in collaboration with the Government of Newfoundland and funded by the Offshore Oil & Gas Industry Recovery Assistance Fund (OGIRA), is set to open its doors on July 19, 2023, providing a significant boost to industries such as the pulp and paper, wood, and fiber industry.

Enhancing Operational Reliability

The center will monitor the health of critical assets like valves, instruments, pumps, and rotating equipment in real time. This will enable industries to detect potential problems before they impact operations - a critical aspect in sectors where machinery and equipment are central to processing and production.

Predictive Maintenance for Cost Reduction

"Following actionable recommendations from our certified specialists, plants will be able to optimize their technology use and implement a predictive maintenance strategy. This will reduce costs and process variability while increasing the reliability of the plant," said Mattieu Berlinguette, Laurentide Controls’ Director of Digital Transformation.

Leveraging Data for Performance Improvements

The new service will offer clients access to real-time asset data through remote monitoring and predictive analytics. With this data, Laurentide Controls' team of experts will provide valuable insights and recommendations based on asset health, leading to enhanced maintenance optimization and performance improvements.

Secure Communication for Plant Performance

"We can develop a secure communication network to transfer your plant’s data to our cloud-based software systems. Our team can provide valuable insights and recommendations based on your asset health data to improve your overall plant performance," added Berlinguette.

A Game Changer in Monitoring and Maintenance Services

In essence, this revolutionary facility by Laurentide Controls is poised to redefine monitoring and maintenance services. It will equip clients with the tools necessary to achieve their productivity and performance ambitions, making it a game changer for industries like pulp and paper, wood, and fibre.

About Laurentide Controls

Operating since 1968, Laurentide Controls has been helping industry thrive for over 50 years. We are the largest supplier of automation, and reliability solutions to industries in Eastern Canada.

As an entirely employee owned company, every member of our team is driven by the shared goal of empowering people and advancing industry.

As an Emerson Impact Partner, Laurentide Controls connects customers with world-class solutions, superior local and global technical expertise, and life-cycle services for all of our clients’ automation assets and needs. These capabilities enable us to partner with customers in their journey to be Top Quartile in their industry.

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