Revolutionizing Pulp Flow Measurement: How to Achieve Reliability and more than $20,000 in Savings Without Stopping Production

Laurentide Controls
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A pulp and paper production company recently found itself in a difficult situation when its 14-inch flowmeter for a critical pulp flow application malfunctioned, causing production to run blindly and potentially disrupting all production.

With the purchase of a new flowmeter estimated to cost more than $20,000 CAD and require a month or more of work, the mill looked for other solutions to avoid thousands of dollars in lost revenue.

The company contacted Laurentide Controls for assistance, and while they provided a quote for a new flow meter with a quick turnaround time, their team of experts also suggested an alternative solution to solve the problem immediately and economically.

Laurentide Controls recommended the Rosemount 8712EM Universal Transmitter to operate the old tube of their existing magnetic flow meter. After an on-site demonstration, the solution worked perfectly, allowing production to continue without interruption. With this alternative solution, the paper mill saved over $20,000 CAD, as well as at least 2-3 hours of downtime to install a new flow meter.

They also organized a training session with the mill's employees so that in the future, they can solve similar technical problems themselves.

This alternate solution not only helped avoid considerable expense, but also saved time and ensured that production ran smoothly.

"I can attest to the exceptional assistance provided by Laurentide Controls' technical instrumentation specialist in resolving a critical problem with a faulty flow meter. Thanks to their expertise and the use of the Rosemount 8712EM universal transmitter, we were able to salvage an old tube from a still-functioning magnetic flowmeter and avoid a replacement cost of over $20,000 CAD. In addition, the new flow control system based on actual flow measurement, rather than valve opening, ensures more accurate and reliable production operations. We highly recommend Laurentide Control for their technical expertise and exceptional customer service."

Supervisor - electrical planning, maintenance, and instrumentation

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