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Martenik Inc is a Canadian company that distributes innovative diagnostic tools for the predictive maintenance.

We represent renowned European manufacturers of instruments for: leak detection (compressed air, other industrial gases, vacuum and steam), steam-trap surveys, thermal imaging, high voltage faults detection, tightness and sealing control, mechanical parts monitoring, belts tension measurement, etc.

We help the Canadian industries save big and increase the safety and the reliability of their facilities.

Please feel free to explore the instruments we oer and to contact us in order to provide the best solution for your need.

A series of innovative diagnostic tools for predictive maintenance


Conceived in 2013 as the rst ultrasonic compressed air, steam, gas and vacuum leak detector with camera, today the LEAKSHOOTER® is a versatile instrument oering a lot of additional functionalities: steam trap surveys, thermal imaging, high voltage faults detection, tightness and sealing control, mechanical parts monitoring, etc.

You can choose among 3 versions and several accessories depending on your applications. A great easy-to-use tool for your maintenance!

LeakShooter Family

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Ultrasonic emitting dome

  • Verification of the sealing of tanks, cisterns, containers (fluid storage)
  • Verification of door sealing, windows, frames(building applications)
  • Checking the sealing of portholes, windshields, etc. (aeronautical, automotive, naval applications)

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The TSHOOTER® contour detection camera (patent pending) is much easier to use and interpret than a standard thermal camera. The operator performs a quick diagnosis, no more interpretation of infrared images! The temperaturedefects appear on a real image, via contours. The TSHOOTER® camera detects both abnormally hot and cold areas compared to the reference value determined by the operator via the keyboard. No more manual cursors to move to control the eective temperature of a zone! The TSHOOTER® will automatically dene and surround areas that exceed the reference values. No more colors to analyze! The TSHOOTER® will simplify your work.

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The TRUMMETER® is an electronic measuring instrument that consists of a measuring probe and a microprocessor. It measures the belt tension and is applicable to all types of belts. The measurement result is displayed in Hertz, Newtons or Pounds Force. This result can be compared with the set-point of the belt tension.

A belt drive achieves its maximum life span when it is congured specically for the application, the belt is perfectly tensioned and the pulleys are precisely aligned.

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For more information or free demo:

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