The Solution for Easily Identifying the Causes of Excessive Vibrations on your Rotating Equipment

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The new and unique Auto Vibration Analyzer VSHOOTER+® can easily and quickly analyze rotating equipment such as electrical motors, pumps, fans, bearing housings, spindles.
With its special MCP (Machine Condition Picture) firmware, the VSHOOTER+® automatically diagnoses the machine excessive vibration causes like unbalance, misalignment, looseness, bearing issues.
The MCP result is given around the machine picture (embedded visible camera) with an easy-to-understand summary table with all vibration problems and color indications.

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The VSHOOTER+® measures vibration overall values (ISO RMS-Bearing-T°), FFT spectrum values and time signal values. The VSHOOTER+® is also able to automatically focus on unbalance or misalignment problems only with the unique BALISHOOTER® firmware.

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All the measurement data can be stored in the memory of the VSHOOTER+® and downloaded to a PC later to create reports (PDF-HTML).

In addition, you can follow the evolution of the state of the machine over time using trend curves.

You can download the VSHOOTER+® brochure here:
VSHOOTER+preliminary brochure.pdf (

You can download a case study here:
Microsoft Word - TECHNOTE1-VSHOOTER+ (

For more information or free demo:

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