Triple Pundit: Biogas Has Big Circular Economy Potential

Power and Energy
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Rolland’s Pierre-Michel Raymond digs deeper with Triple Pundit.

As momentum for the circular economy grows, companies must find ways to make a substantial impact on the environment. It’s critical that companies combine their current strategies with new ideas, such as the use of biogas from landfills to better support the circular economy. In our experience, landfill gas opportunities have supported decarbonization as well as reduce costs and ensured a steady, reliable source of energy.

Rolland’s mechanical engineer and energy supervisor Pierre-Michel Raymond recently sat down with Triple Pundit’s Tina Casey to discuss the idea and success behind this strategy – and how it continues to reduce our carbon emissions by 70,000 tons, the equivalent of 23,400 compact cars a year.

Pierre-Michel shares how employee engagement was key in developing this strategy by listening to and ultimately implementing an employee’s idea to use landfill gas instead of fossil energy for the mill’s thermal processes. Rolland also continues to work closely with the landfill operator, with monthly meetings and regular check-ins, to take into consideration the seasonal changes, day-night cycles, and temperature fluctuations that could impact the process to ensure the system keeps running smoothly.

As early adopters in leveraging biogas, we are proud to have pioneered this path for others to help bring paper products full circle. With sustainable innovation, we can enhance the future for business, the planet and society.

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Source: Rolland