Rolland Inc. Recognizes Milestone Safety Achievement

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Rolland Converting Center reaches safety achievement

Saint-Jérôme, QC, December 17, 2020 – Rolland Inc. recently reached a milestone in safety for operating one year without a recordable incident. The company’s achievement recognizes the employees for their outstanding dedication to maintaining, monitoring, and continuous improvement of their workplace safety.

As a critical component of daily operations at Rolland Converting Center, safety is part of the culture. The culture is built upon caring for people, providing a safe workplace and making everyone accountable, proactive and vigilant. This significant accomplishment clearly demonstrates Rolland’s strong commitment to this culture.

Contributing factors to Rolland Converting Center’s safety record include the involvement of the management committee with the Workplace Health and Safety Committee to establish the priorities, continuous discussion between associates on the floor, which encourages associates to communicate and take action in their work environment. Team members are provided continual education and training, which is supported by a strong safety committee. The company takes time to recognize achievements and milestones in safety accomplishments.

To make the safety information readily available to team members and promote a unified safety mindset, Rolland Converting Center maintains a tracking board that keeps a running tally of consecutive no recordable days. The safe workforce culture and updates are communicated on a regular basis.

Jonathan Moore, VP Operations, is proud of the team’s accomplishment. “This is a significant milestone and the efforts and commitment of everyone was essential to reach this impressive achievement. I am very proud of every individual who contributed and help others to reach this milestone. The safety of our employees is our priority and we are truly building a safety culture here at CTR together. Congratulations, team!''

Simon Roy, Operations Director, is proud to congratulate the team. “Despite all the changes in recent years, the team has always shown perseverance to succeed. In these unprecedented times, they have shown even more resilience and kept health and safety practices top of mind on a daily basis. I am very proud of each individual that has helped us reach this milestone and I'm confident that we will achieve many more in the future.”

Josée Monette, Human Resources Director, added that she is grateful to the Rolland Converting Center team, ‘’This is an excellent result, and it is even more satisfying because we have accomplished it together. Often health and safety measurements are seen as an additional task or extra responsibility and changes only take place when we understand that it is part of the way we think and work. We have shown this is possible.’’

Workplace Health and Safety Committee and member of local 1207 section, Stéphane Gauthier, explains’Of course, there were many more meetings during the pandemic for the reasons we already know. But I am confident to say that our more frequent meetings also had an impact in this achievement. Our regular visits to the mill and the fact that we are constantly educating the works contributed for the one year without a recordable incident milestone.’’

About Rolland

Rolland is a leading North American commercial paper manufacturer focused on quality, performance and innovation. Our customers choose our products, made with up to 100% post-consumer recycled fiber, because of our proven track record as an environmental leader. All Rolland’s paper products are manufactured to the highest environmental standards and we have the smallest environmental footprint in the North American pulp and paper industry. Our products are made using renewable energy, primarily biogas, and our recycled fibers are deinked without chlorine. Rolland Converting Center is responsible for the converting and processing of Rolland’s paper products.

Source: Rolland