Sappi's Somerset Pulp Mill Achieves 50-Year Milestone: A Year Without Recordable Injuries

Image Source: Sappi

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In a historic milestone, Sappi's Somerset pulp mill celebrates a significant achievement by completing the fiscal year without a single recordable injury for the first time in its nearly 50-year history.

This accomplishment stands as a testament to the unwavering commitment of the mill's dedicated team to safety in every facet of their operations, from the woodyard to pulping, pulp furnishing, utilities, and recovery, to the waste water treatment plant.

Raymond Hiltz, Pulping and Furnishing Manager, and Bob Dorko, P.E., Utilities and Recovery Manager, expressed their satisfaction with the remarkable safety record achieved at Somerset. Hiltz emphasized, "We are very pleased with the safety record at Somerset. It is the first time in nearly 50 years that we have gone through the fiscal year in the complete pulp mill without a recordable injury, a great accomplishment of our team’s commitment to keeping themselves and others safe."

The achievement is particularly noteworthy as it reflects the culmination of decades of hard work and dedication by the entire team. Dorko added, "This is the first time in our careers that we have seen such a remarkable achievement in safety at the pulp mill, and it shows that our team is constantly thinking about safety for themselves, their colleagues, and the contractors who are working on-site."

The success in maintaining a spotless safety record is a result of a collective effort to instill a culture of safety that permeates every aspect of the mill's operations. The team's vigilance and commitment have been pivotal in preventing accidents and ensuring a secure working environment for all.

"It only takes a moment for an accident to happen, but our team’s focus on safety has been incredible," noted Hiltz. The achievement underscores the importance of the team's continuous efforts to prioritize safety, as they recognize that even a single moment of negligence can have profound consequences.

Sappi acknowledges that its employees are the most crucial asset and emphasizes that their safety is the highest priority. This accomplishment is not only a celebration of a year without recordable injuries but also a reflection of the ongoing dedication to maintaining a safe and healthy workplace.