Constant offers the effective solution that will make the difference

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Constant offers a unique approach to counteract contaminants and deposition present in your processes. Whether organic or inorganic in nature (or both), Constant offers a unique and winning strategy.

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At Constant, we are well aware of the complexity of the problem posed by contaminants and depositions, which is why we have strived to well adapt our chemistry to the various challenges it presents. Our solution stands out from all others offered on the market. It begins with your first stages of your operations and it evolves with your process according to its needs and its particularities. Thus, it accompanies you until the last stages in order to protect your equipment, your operations and your finished product. Its use eliminates the usage of hazardous materials, production slowdowns or downtime, and quality-related losses.

Our solution, respectful of public health and the environment, acts effectively and sustainably. The chemical reactions are multiple; from an inorganic perspective, we first observe these ions react, so that their crystalline form is physically and electrically altered. Repulsive force effects ensue and keep these ions dispersed in solution. A reaction takes place with our formulation to form soluble complexes. Thus, the phenomenon of agglomeration and deposition is greatly reduced. These reactions are made possible by the power of CALINHIB.

Our strategy is simple and unique when it comes to managing harmful organic materials; we dissolve these materials by injecting CONSPERSE combined or not with our D-SOLV II.

The benefits of such an approach are numerous. Imagine your fibrous material free of these complexes of metal ions and extractable materials, and full capillarity. Also, think of all your equipment without these deposits that are so harmful to your operations and your finished product. Constant offers the effective solution that will make the difference.

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