Sappi Gratkorn Implements Overlapping Sootblowing Technology to Lower Environmental Impact

Sappi’s Gratkorn mill in Austria

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Sappi Gratkorn is a paper mill in Austria that produces high-quality multi-coated paper. The mill has been in operation for over a century.

In recent years, the company Sappi and their respective mills have been investing in developing their facilities to reduce their environmental impact. 

The newly formed sustainability partnership

Sappi Gratkorns goal was to reduce their steam consumption and therefore reduce their annual cost of lowering their environmental impact.  In the year 2021, Sappi Gratkorn entered into a sustainability partnership with Heat Management to investigate ways of furthering their eco-effective journey.

It was determined that Heat Managements High Impact Sootblowing System™  was an appropriate solution to implement into the boiler’s superheater, in order to achieve more sootblowing with less steam. Sappi Gratkorn, like most red liquor recovery boilers, operates the steam sootblowing in separate cycles. This makes the HISS™ operation comparable to power boilers with various fuels like biomass and waste.

Sappi Gratkorn is renowned to streamline its mill for a better environment. Other than implementing HISS™, they have driven several initiatives regarding renewable energy and reducing waste. Furthermore, they have been awarded multiple awards for their continuous strive for green operations. 

The calculated action that lead to less waste

The mill has 13 sootblowers in the superheater. They wanted to reduce their steam consumption and stabilise their sootblowing steam flow to avoid pressure variations on the steam net. The environmental investment inHISS™ was therefore a calculated action to further evolve their operations. 

The benefits for the environment by saving steam is linked to conserving more energy and reduced fuel- and water consumption when producing the steam. After installing HISS™, Sappi Gratkorn concluded that they had saved 43% of their annual sootblowing steam and had halved the time for their cleaning cycles which is higher than the initial guarantee from Heat Management. 

heat 3july23 2Thomas Ladinek, Production Engineer says, “Sappi Gratkorn’s continuous strive for improvement, including the optimized steam sootblowing technology HISS™, makes us highly competitive in unlocking the power of trees to make every day more sustainable and to continue solving sustainability challenges with innovative partners.”

Comparing the costs of implementing the system and their savings in annual costs linked to steam sootblowing, Sappi Gratkorn had a return on investment in less than a year after commissioning. Due to increasing the load of their boiler, their savings can even go beyond what was initially expected from the savings of steam costs. This is what Heat Management means with the slogan, “Beyond Technical Specification”. 

heat 3july23 3Henrik Blom, Regional Sales Manager from Heat Management, at Sappi Gratkorn.

HISS™ – Sootblow more, with less steam.

The patented High Impact Sootblowing System (HISS™) disrupts the “how we have always done it” approach to energy intensive steam sootblowing. By operating the existing steam sootblowing system in a smarter and less wasteful way, half the steam and half the time can be saved. This leads to increased boiler efficiency, availability, and lifetime without installing any new sootblowers or rebuilding the boiler.

Download our Case Study about Sappi Gratkorn here

About Sappi

Sappi is a leading global provider of sustainable woodfibre products and solutions, in the fields of Dissolving pulp, Printing papers, Packaging and speciality papers, Casting and release papers, Biomaterials and Bio-energy. As a company that relies on renewable natural resources, sustainability is at our core. Sappi European mills hold chain of custody certifications under the Forest Stewardship Council™ (FSC™ C015022) and the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC/07-32-76) systems. Our papers are produced in mills accredited with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 50 001 and ISO

45 001 certification. We have EMAS registration at 5 of our 10 mills in Europe. 

Sappi Europe is a division of Sappi Limited (JSE), headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa, with 12,500 employees and 19 production facilities on three continents in nine countries, 37 sales offices globally, and customers in over 150 countries around the world.

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Source: Heat Management