Sustainable operations

Veracel Celulose recovery boiler CR01 (photo courtesy of Mr Joacir Costa)

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Veracel Pulp Mill in Bahia, Brazil produces 1 100 000 ton per year eucalyptus pulp and renewable power for the grid, making it a shining example of environmentally responsible manufacturing.

Already operating with a strong focus on circularity, the pulp mill is never satisfied and proactively seek new opportunities to improve the sustainability of its operations.  

“For our pulp mill, the quest for more sustainable and energy efficient operations goes hand in hand with profitable pulp production. After identifying the possible improvements for our process and guaranteed by Heat Management, HISS™ was the right next piece in our sustainability journey.” 

  • Mr Cícero José De Oliveria Santana, Process and Production Specialist, Veracel

By partnering with Heat Management and identifying improvement areas, Veracel will increase energy-efficiency and availability of the chemical and energy recovery process. Except from reducing mill water consumption by 0,6 %, Veracel will employ the patented solution High impact Sootblowing System (HISS™) to increase annual renewable power generation by 3,2 %. This will offset fossil power generation from the grid, effectively reducing mill CO2e emissions by 0,54 % annually. 

Heat Management is supported by Siemens Energy, regarding energy efficiency improvements in black liquor boilers in pulp mills. The collaboration applies to a common platform that enables safe overlapping operation of sootblowers based on Simatic PCS7 SIPAPER DCS-environment.

Source: Heat Management