Stora Enso Ingerois mill to improve operational performance with BTG’s dataPARC

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Stora Enso Ingerois mill and BTG have agreed to implement the dataPARC solution for the board machine in South-Eastern Finland.

The system is applied to support variability reduction goals by means of Statistical Process Control and Centerlining, which are integrated elements of dataPARC software platform for digital transformation. In addition, the solution includes dashboards for visualizing related KPI’s, features for monitoring energy consumption, advanced troubleshooting and continuous improvement capabilities including Principal Component Analysis and tools for building predictive models.

“With more than 300 installations in pulp & paper and overall tens of thousands of users every day, dataPARC is the leading solution in operational analytics and we are delighted to be able to bring the solution also to Europe and to Finland especially. Our customers are typically reporting hundreds of thousands in annual savings through variability reduction and we are excited to collaborate with Stora Enso’s operational team”, says Pekka Vänni, dataPARC Manager in Europe, BTG. 

“We want to maintain our market leader position in folding boxboard segment and we want to further enhance quality properties of our products. Data is Power! In today’s world there is a lot of data available, but the challenge we want to resolve is to utilize the information to improve our process performance and to find from data streams the relevant information that helps us to run the process better“, says Anni Käppi-Palomaa, Operations Development Manager, Stora Enso Ingerois mill. 

BTG Group is a multinational provider of integrated, highly specialized process solutions for the global pulp and paper industry. BTG is committed to help its customers achieve significant, sustainable gains in business performance.

Stora Enso develops and produces solutions based on wood and biomass for a range of industries and applications worldwide, leading in the bioeconomy and supporting their customers in meeting demand for renewable eco-friendly products. Building on their heritage and know-how in forestry and trees, Stora Enso is committed to the development of products and technologies based on renewable materials.

Source: BTG