Toscotec steps up sustainable performance with environmental certifications.

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Toscotec has successfully renewed its ISO 14001 certification and Eco-Management and Audit Scheme registration for environmental protection and is on track to obtain the ISO 45001 certification validating a significant improvement in occupational safety.

Toscotec has been complying with these stringent environmental standards for 16 years, attesting to its consistent commitment to sustainability.

Besides pursuing sustainable operations, Toscotec is proud to advance the decarbonization of the paper industry by designing and manufacturing energy efficient technology and services that significantly reduce the energy demand of the paper making process and preserve natural resources such as water and fibres.   

Validated improvements in sustainability 
Toscotec is the only tissue machinery manufacturer in Italy to participate in the Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS) devised by the European Commission. EMAS constitutes a premium benchmark for environmental management, as it sets forth demanding guidelines that voluntarily registered organisations comply with to improve their green performance, credibility, and transparency. Toscotec’s environmental management system is also certified to ISO 14001 since 2005. 
In addition, Toscotec is strictly implementing an occupational safety management system, which includes key policies and objectives driving the improvement of health and safety at work in compliance with the ISO 45001 international standard. This set of actions demonstrates a complete, effective, and fully integrated HSE (Health, Safety, Environment) management system.

“Toscotec has confirmed an ever-growing commitment to corporate sustainability with notable improvements in energy efficiency and waste management capacity. To name a few examples, since 2011 at our headquarters facility, we have been abandoning halogen and fluorescent lamps for LED lights, a move that has reduced our electrical consumption from illumination by 40%.” says Andrea Marzaro, Toscotec’s Operations Director (COO). “For heating, we replaced fuel oil boilers with natural gas boilers equipped with state-of-the-art burners that have both cleared the issue of fuel oil disposal and increased our energy efficiency. In the space of green energy, we have made significant progress in energy self-generation at our main production site and have progressively replaced diesel-fuelled forklifts with new electric ones.” adds Andrea Marzaro.  

Toscotec has been generating electric power from solar energy for more than 10 years. Through four implementation phases, it stepped up its photovoltaic system by over 360 kWh, of which 260 KW/h are used for the internal demand of Toscotec’s manufacturing operations and 100 KW/h are sent back to the grid. Since 2011, by generating more than 3,500 MW/h of renewable energy, Toscotec’s photovoltaic solar plant has saved more than 1,800 tons of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. 

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Source: Toscotec