Toscotec to rebuild PM1 at KMK Paper in Turkey

(left to right) Bekir Yemşen, General Manager of KMK Paper, and Fabrizio Charrier, Sales Manager of Toscotec’s Paper & Board division, at Toscotec’s headquarters in Italy.

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Turkish cardboard manufacturer KMK Paper selected Toscotec for the complete rebuild of PM1 at its Kahramanmaraş paper mill in Turkey.

Scheduled for the first quarter of 2023, the project will increase the machine’s production capacity and significantly improve paper quality. PM1 produces packaging paper grades, including fluting, testliner, kraft paper, and gypsum board. 

The rebuild encompasses the entire paper machine from the forming section to the reel and it incorporates both Toscotec and Voith’s leading technology. The supply includes a DuoShake unit in the wet section to ensure optimal formation at a low MD/CD tensile ratio, and a NipcoFlex shoe press to achieve higher paper quality and dryness. After the size press, the installation of a CB-Turn unit will effectively stabilize the sheet on an air cushion and avoid roll contamination. In the dryer section, Toscotec will install new TT SteelDryers operating at the maximum pressure of 10 barg, and DuoCleaner Express for the effective cleaning of the dryer fabrics. The supply will also include a complete tail threading system.

Bekir Yemşen, General Manager of KMK Paper and Board Member of Key Holding, says: “This is a strategic investment for KMK Paper where we will realize an extensive upgrade of PM1, and we are happy to have reached an agreement with Toscotec. We support the strong synergy between Toscotec and Voith, which perfectly matched the needs of our project.”  

Cihangir Hakan Oba, Project Manager of KMK Paper, adds: “We pursue continuous improvement and development through the adoption of the latest technological innovations. We have a tight schedule on this rebuild, but we got off to a good start and are cooperating well with Toscotec.”

Fabrizio Charrier, Sales Manager of Toscotec’s Paper & Board division, says: “I am very glad that KMK Paper has placed its trust in Toscotec for this important project, where we’ll manage a complete technological rebuild that incorporates Voith’s key components, including a high load shoe press that reaches 1,600 kN/m. This project strengthens Toscotec’s position in a very important market for paper machine rebuilds.”   

About KMK Paper
Established in 1988, KMK Paper operates two production sites in Kahramanmaraş (PM1 & 2) and in Kütahya (PM3), manufacturing 240,000 tons/year of kraft paper, gypsum board, coreboard, grey and corrugated cardboard, testliner, and fluting.

Source: Toscotec