EPIQ Machinery and DTA are teaming up to better serve the emerging AGV heavy industry market

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Montreal, September 7, 2022 – EPIQ Machinery Chief Executive Officer, Éloïse Harvey, and DTA Chief Executive Officer, Miguel de Sebastian Merello are proud to announce their recent teaming agreement.

This close collaboration between EPIQ Machinery (Canada) and DTA (Spain) is full of potential bringing an array of AGVs possibilities for the North American heavy industry.

For over 20 years, EPIQ Machinery has developed an in-depth knowledge of Specialized Mobile equipment for the heavy industry. Since 2016, the company is looking into expanding its offer by adding Automated Guided Vehicles to its portfolio under the EPIQ AGV brand. This initiative has led to search for an industrial partner sharing the same vision and customer-centric approach.

EPIQ Machinery is looking into broadening its offer and DTA wants to break into the NA market. By teaming together, their goals are aligned. EPIQ Machinery will be able to respond actively to North American opportunities, act as global material handling solution integrator and provide local after-sale technical support.

The teaming agreement opens up new opportunities on the North American heavy load custom AGV market. The industry witnesses a shift to digital connectivity and automation in heavy industrial sectors. Industrials are soughting ways to maintain operations while overcoming labor shortage they are facing over the last years. The market for specialised/custom made heavy-duty AGVs and the rising demand for industrial type robots is expected to bloom on a short term period.

EPIQ Machinery and DTA wants to actively be part of this shift. Custom-designed heavy-duty automated guided vehicles and transporters are required to meet an industrial customer’s specific needs in the manufacturing and assembly industries, such as Primary metals, Pulp and Paper, Railway Maintenance of way and other specialized industries.

As the AGV market is booming, the cooperation between EPIQ Machinery and DTA is an added value. The combination of the skills of the two equipment manufacturers, leaders in their field, can only benefit end-user customers what ever sector of heavy industry they are.


“Our approach and our corporate values come together. Our unique expertise and know-how complement each other and allow us to offer much more than AGVs. We will be able to support our clients and evaluate their entire process. We will thus have the capacity to act as an integrator of global turnkey solutions and to continue to offer full after-sales service and technical support.”

- Éloïse Harvey, CEO, EPIQ Machinery

“At a turning point of a new industrial era; DTA is capable to offer scalable guidance systems from wire guided AGV up to complete artificial vision. We’ve gained extreme valuable experience in a variety of sectors. Introducing our technology onto North American Heavy Industry market will strengthen our position. We look forward to our first joint project; EPIQ Machinery has developed a great knowledge in electrification of specialized equipment for heavy industries which will be an asset towards global decarbonization efforts.”

- Miguel de Sebastian Merello, CEO, DTA

About EPIQ Machinery
EPIQ Machinery designs and manufactures innovative and effective solutions for the global heavy equipment, vehicles and material handling systems market worldwide, blurring the lines between being a technology company and a heavy machinery manufacturer. The company cumulates more than 75 years of experience and has a critical mass internationally with diversified activities on various niche markets providing a solid installed base and a strong capacity for its aftermarket services.

EPIQ Machinery, driven by its passion for challenges, shows strong leadership in the development of its own innovative technologies: Mobile Equipment, Fixed Equipment, Process Systems, Industry 4.0 Robotics and Automation Center. More info: https://epiqmachinery.com.

About DTA
Since 1972, DTA specializes in designing and manufacturing of self-propelled transporters for on site transportation from 1 to 1.200 tons. DTA’s transporters have been used in different sectors like windmill, railway, shipbuilding, automotive, aerospace, steelmill and foundries, port industry and others.

DTA, the smart move when switching from conventional to AGV mobile equipment. More info.: https://www.dta.es/.

Source: EPIQ