Wajax Launches “TechIQ” - an Industry 4.0 digital customer platform

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Platform aimed at increasing operational efficiency for industrial companies across the country

TechIQ has been officially rolled out, and Wajax expects to see a quick adoption and great results, including with pulp and paper companies.

TechIQ’s first offering is a machine Condition Monitoring solution, which is built around two main components: the Wajax TechIQ Sensor and the TechIQ IoT Platform. These two tools utilize AI and machine learning to monitor, gauge, and ultimately improve the life and health/reliability of customers’ machines. With 24/7 expert support, this allows for proactive asset management and troubleshooting with automated alarms and notifications for efficient maintenance planning.

According to Wajax, TechIQ condition monitoring of critical pulp and paper production processes will alert the mill’s maintenance team to developing faults at an early stage. That gives the mill plenty of time to schedule maintenance during planned production stops, which avoids unplanned downtime. Catching degradation early also means repairs are cheaper and faster, further reducing time spent on maintenance.

Sada Haque, Wajax’s Director of Innovation and Technology, sees TechIQ having a clear impact on the efficiency of pulp and paper facilities’ equipment. “This platform makes it even easier for us to be available for our customers and keep their machines constantly running. Our experts are always available for emergency troubleshooting scenarios; but with the wireless platform and Mixed Reality options of TechIQ, we can work with our customers safely - anywhere, anytime, for any issue big or small.”

Ultimately, Wajax believes that utilizing sensor monitoring and expert availability through Mixed Reality can help companies avoid the halt of production. The TechIQ sensors are designed to address the above with their 6-in-1 sensors, which can be applied to many different pieces of equipment, including:

  • Chippers
  • Conveyor belts
  • Chip Classifiers
  • Blowers
  • Refiners
  • Screw Conveyor
  • Agitators
  • Felt Rollers, Suction Rolls, Spreader Rolls
  • Vacuum Pumps
  • Reelers and electrical motors, fans, pumps and gears

“A failure in any of the pumps, agitators, cylinders or motors along the way from wood to paper will bring production to a halt. Barring outright failure, even beginning degradation can affect product quality in such a finely tuned system.”

Source: Wajax