Corner Brook Mill Faces Temporary Shutdown for Steam System Repairs

Industry News
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Kruger, owner of the Corner Brook pulp and paper mill, has announced a temporary shutdown to address repairs needed in the mill's steam distribution system.

This setback follows a one-week closure in November 2023 due to difficulties in the newsprint industry.

The company prioritizes employee safety and collaborates with provincial engineering and inspection services to ensure all equipment complies with safety regulations before resuming operations swiftly and safely.

Despite the shutdown, Kruger emphasizes its commitment to the mill's long-term sustainability and diversification. Recent efforts include selling surplus power from their Deer Lake generating station back to the province and exploring new opportunities for the mill's future.

This temporary shutdown highlights the challenges faced by traditional industries and underscores the need for adaptability and resilience in industrial operations. Kruger's ongoing diversification efforts demonstrate their commitment to securing the mill's future.