Kruger Crabtree Workers Initiate Open-Ended Strike Following Negotiations Impasse

Source: CSN

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May 31, 2024 – Members of the Pulp and Paper Workers Union of Crabtree, representing over 450 employees at the Kruger Crabtree plant, commenced an indefinite strike today.

This action follows a period of extended negotiations on a new collective agreement. Talks, which began in September 2023, reportedly encountered challenges, including delays and areas of disagreement.

The union membership previously authorized strike action in March 2024, following a series of earlier work stoppages utilizing various formats.

At a general meeting held today, the union membership voted to initiate an open-ended strike. Details regarding specific points of contention during negotiations were not provided.

The union remains committed to achieving a satisfactory outcome for its members. They seek fair and respectful working conditions, along with equitable compensation.

Kruger has not yet publicly commented on the strike action.

The striking workers are represented by the Pulp and Paper Workers Union of Crabtree, affiliated with the CSN (Confederation of National Trade Unions).