Skogforsk and FPInnovations Revitalize Collaboration for Forestry Advancements

Charlotte Bengtsson and Stéphane Renou

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Skogforsk's CEO, Charlotte Bengtsson, and FPInnovations' CEO, Stéphane Renou, have cemented a promising alliance with the signing of a renewed agreement.

This reaffirms the enduring partnership between the Swedish institution and its Canadian counterpart, FPInnovations, aimed at advancing operational systems, optimizing value chains, and embracing digitalization in forestry practices. The commitment extends over the next five years, promising sustained collaboration to drive business growth and innovation in the industry.

During FPInnovations' recent visit to Skogforsk, led by CEO Stéphane Renou and Chief Engineer Jean Hamel, the formalization of the renewed collaboration took place. With CEO Charlotte Bengtsson and Head of Research Magnus Thor representing Skogforsk, this event underscores a shared dedication to fostering a conducive business environment through collaborative research and development efforts. This renewed commitment is poised to invigorate business prospects and drive positive outcomes within the forestry sector, reflecting the proactive stance of both organizations towards sustainable growth and innovation.

"We look forward to this cooperation, which has been going on for many years and is now continuing. It is very valuable to have an international outlook and cooperation and it is something that strengthens us as a research institute. We are working to strengthen our international cooperation on several fronts and in this context, increased cooperation with Canadian researchers is important", says Charlotte Bengtsson.

More research areas

The memorandum of understanding covers several research areas, including automation and remote control of forest machines, transportation technology and roads, and digital transformation in forestry.

"We see opportunities for synergies in these areas where both parties are at the international forefront. We look forward to a continued good cooperation", says Magnus Thor.

As in previous agreements on cooperation, there is an ambition for research exchanges and joint participation and sessions at, for example, international forestry seminars.

About Skogforsk

Skogforsk (the Forestry Research Institute of Sweden) is the central research body for the Swedish forestry sector, and is financed jointly by the government and the members of the Institute.

About FPInnovations

FPInnovations is a private not-for-profit organization that specializes in the creation of solutions in support of the Canadian forest sector’s global competitiveness.