Mondi Invests €200 Million in Sustainable Packaging Solutions at Duino Mill in Italy

Mondi Duino mill. (Photo: Mondi, PR283)

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Mondi, a leading manufacturer of sustainable packaging and paper solutions, announced a significant investment in its Duino mill near Trieste, Italy.

The company is breaking ground on a €200 million project to convert the existing paper machine into a high-quality recycled containerboard machine.

This investment aligns with Mondi's €1.2 billion commitment to organic growth projects focused on sustainable packaging solutions. The new machine, expected to be operational in 2025, will boast a production capacity of 420,000 tonnes of recycled containerboard annually. With a width of 8.5 meters, it will also be Mondi's widest recycled paper machine to date.

intl1 23may24 1Andrew King, CEO Mondi Group, speaking at the Mondi Duino Groundbreaking ceremony on 23 May 2024. (Photo: Mondi, PR283)

"We are excited about the progress of the Duino investment project and the opportunity this provides our growing packaging business," said Andrew King, CEO of Mondi Group. "This containerboard machine will strengthen our backward integration and provide us with security of supply to better serve our customers."


The Duino mill is expected to create job opportunities, foster partnerships with local stakeholders, and contribute to the overall economic development of the region. Furthermore, the project prioritizes sustainability by sourcing materials locally whenever possible. This approach reduces greenhouse gas emissions through shorter transport distances and strengthens the overall supply chain resilience.

intl1 23may24 2From left to right: Bruno Cottone, Managing Director Mondi Duino, Luca Antonicelli, Regional office for work, training, education, research, university and family, Andrew King, CEO Mondi Group, Igor Gabrovec, Mayor of Duino, Markus Gärtner, CEO Mondi Corrugated Packaging. (Photo: Mondi, PR283)

"Our investment in Duino allows us to meet the increasing demand for sustainable solutions across Central Europe, the Mediterranean area, and the local Italian market," said Markus Gärtner, CEO of Mondi Corrugated Packaging. "The project team is currently preparing for the upcoming construction works, which includes a new recycled fiber plant, wastewater treatment plant, and the associated infrastructure and warehousing."

This project underscores Mondi's commitment to sustainable packaging solutions. The company employs over 22,000 people across 30 countries and offers a wide range of innovative solutions for consumer and industrial applications. With a focus on circularity and environmental responsibility, Mondi is a leader in shaping the future of sustainable packaging.