Sappi Europe Modernizes Gratkorn Mill to Ensure Future of Paper Production

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Sappi Europe has achieved a significant milestone with the completion of phase two of a major modernization project at its Gratkorn Mill in Austria.

This multi-million euro investment reinforces Sappi's position as a global leader in coated fine paper production and ensures the longevity of the Gratkorn Mill.

The project focuses on upgrading the mill's infrastructure to meet the demands of Industry 4.0 and digitalization. By collaborating with companies like Honeywell and Siemens, Sappi has improved process visibility, increased operator efficiency, and enhanced system stability through advanced automation and electrical systems. These improvements will lead to several benefits, including reduced risk of machine failure, increased production sustainability for Sappi's Magno paper range, and overall cost savings.

Magno paper, produced primarily at the Gratkorn Mill, is a popular choice for high-end publications such as art catalogs, books, and magazines. This project underlines Sappi's commitment to providing its customers with the highest quality paper for their printing needs.

Looking ahead, Sappi plans to complete the third phase of the modernization project in 2025. This phase will address common challenges faced by the paper industry, such as sourcing replacement parts for aging machinery. By implementing state-of-the-art automation and electrical systems, Sappi aims to not only guarantee continued high-level paper production but also simplify supplier support.

Sappi's announcement also emphasizes their commitment to sustainability at the Gratkorn Mill. The company has made significant investments in renewable energy sources and implemented measures to reduce emissions. This focus on sustainability aligns with Sappi Europe's goal of becoming a leader in environmentally friendly paper production processes and products.