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New Storopack PAPERbubble® Paper Sheets as an Innovative, Sustainable Substitute dor Traditional Air Bubble Film

Metzingen, January 2022. With its PAPERbubble® paper sheets, protective packaging specialist Storopack now offers an innovative and eco-friendly substitute for traditional bubble cushioning in its range. Storopack’s PAPERbubble® product uses paper in combination with air. The new PAPERbubble® paper sheets offer the same outstanding, robust, and long-lasting protective properties as conventional air bubble products. Because they are 100% recyclable and made from renewable raw materials, Storopack’s paper sheets help reduce the use of primary raw materials and fossil resources, which makes them ideal for companies that value both high-quality protective packaging and sustainability. “Good product design is a fundamental enabler of the circular economy. Storopack applies eco-design principles to make the packaging products more sustainable. Our approach is to avoid excess packaging with unnecessary use of resources,” explains Paul Deis, PAPER Product Manager at Storopack.

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Innovative and User-Friendly Design

Thanks to the newly developed format, PAPERbubble® paper sheets are especially suitable for shipping sensitive and small products such as cosmetics and electronic components as well as online mail order goods in general. The pre-produced paper sheets are easy to use thanks to perforation in the middle and offer flexibility for optimal protection of shipping goods. This enables the packer to choose the right amount of packaging and thereby reducing waste. The paper represents a simple solution for wrapping and cushioning the packaged goods as well as filling voids in the box. PAPERbubble® is available in a specially designed box of 300 sheets. The box developed for PAPERbubble® enables simple and ergonomic removal of the paper cushions directly at the packing station. PAPERbubble® doesn’t require a machine system, meaning it can be optimally integrated into the existing distribution line with minimal investment.

With the sheets made of paper, Storopack customers can not only reliably protect their products, but also showcase them in a format that is highly elegant, impressive and unique. PAPERbubble® sheets provide end customers a positive, sustainable unboxing experience.

Source: Storopack