New paper bags for waste to be tested in Värmland

Paper Advancement
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Carrier bags made of paper are becoming more common in the bins as plastic bags are phased out in the stores. But the paper bags are not adapted for residual waste in the households, which create problems for both households,garbage collectors and energy companies.

To solve the problem, four actors in Värmland are now working together on the challenge to givethe paper bag a given place in the garbage system.

Since last spring, Karlstads Energi AB, Paper Province, Nordic Paper and Norbag have collaborated to develop a completely new type of paper bag for residual waste. The new bag has the potential to make waste management more efficient and sustainable.

Plastic bags are becoming rarer, which affects how we handle our waste. Karlstads Energi has noticed this since more people tend to use paper bags in the bins, which leads to messy bins since the paper bag can’t be closed in the same way as a plastic bag.

- The new paper bag should be sealable, making it a better alternative for residual waste than the paper carrier bags we see today becoming more common in the bins," says David Bohn Stoltz, business developer at Karlstads Energi.

A sealable bag significantly simplifies handling as the waste is not at risk of falling into the waste bin. This also means that the bins do not need to be cleaned as often.

More sustainable options

Karlstads Energi wants the paper bag to be a more cost efficiency alternative that also is gentler to the environment than the plastic carrier bags that often are used as garbage bags. The parties also hope that the fibre based bag will eventually become a more sustainable alternative to plastic waste bags that are sold in stores.

Replacing plastic bags reduces the amount of plastic in waste incineration and thus also the carbon dioxide emissions of incineration.

- For Nordic Paper, this is completely in line with many customers wish to replace plastic with paper. Our strong kraft paper made from renewable local raw materials is constantly increasing in demand. In addition, collaborating with other companies from Värmland is something we have done before and is something we are happy to continue with," says Pia Lundin, Product Manager for Kraft paper at Nordic Paper.

Pilot tests in Karlstad

The development of the new paper bag is proceeding well and shortly some selected households in Karlstad will be able to test it. The goal is to sell the bag in stores in 2022.

The development project is led by Karlstads Energi and other actors contribute with paper, bag manufacturing, printing, pilot testing, advice, evaluation and marketing.

Nordic Paper is a Scandinavian specialty paper producer, manufacturing top-quality paper since the 19th century. We are a leading supplier of kraft and natural greaseproof paper. Our products are based on renewable raw material from local forests. From our four Scandinavian mills we supply customers in more than 70 countries. Nordic Paper had in 2020 net sales of SEK 2,900m, about 630 employees and is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm.

Source: Nordic Paper