NeoLigno® by Stora Enso

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A bio-based binder made with lignin, ideal for wood products and mineral wool

Hazardous chemicals aren’t always visible, yet you can be exposed to them every day

Potentially harmful chemicals are not even visible to the naked eye but are still widely present in our homes in things such as furnishings, inner walls and insulation. This means that people working with such products, and people living with the products in their home, risk having their health negatively affected.

At Stora Enso, we are committed to change this. With our commitment of doing good for people and the planet, we always look for ways to innovate new, renewable alternatives where fossil-based materials are being used today. In the case of binding agents, we asked ourselves: what if we could come up with a bio-based binder, that keeps all the technical qualities of traditional binders, but with the benefits of being safe and renewable?

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NeoLigno® makes it possible to produce more sustainable products without compromising on technical performance

With NeoLigno®, we are taking the lead in creating a new era of natural binders that are bio-based and safe – free from harmful compounds like formaldehyde and isocyanate. With NeoLigno® as a binder, you can offer your customers a top-quality, bio-based end-product that is both safer to make and safer to use. All of this while still performing just as well as traditional binders.

NeoLigno® is a binder made from lignin – a bio-based organic polymer present in all land-living plants, such as trees. In our production, we ensure that the wood we use comes from sustainably managed, traceable forests with FSC®/PEFC™ chain-of-custody and ISO 14001 certifications.

A successful innovation with promising initial tests

Customers appreciate that NeoLigno® can pass their most crucial technical requirements – giving high bonding strength and productivity performance comparable to traditional binders. Most importantly, it offers them the possibility of creating new, bio-based end-products that are safer to make and safer to use. Initial tests have also shown that NeoLigno® is easy to clean and can replace traditional binders in existing processes/workflows.

Stora Enso has produced lignin since 2015. With an experienced and highly professional product team we can help you replace fossil-based binders with a bio-based solution today. Contact us now for samples and learn how you could lead the change in a new era of natural binders!

Key benefits

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Source: Stora Enso