FPInnovations’ new guide for controlling wood floor vibrations

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Floor vibration due to walking has been a subject of interest to designers, builders, and manufacturers for many years.

FPInnovations has been researching this topic since the 1970s and has worked with various researchers, practitioners, manufacturers, and building occupants.

Based on the large knowledge database and experience acquired over the years, FPInnovations has launched the new Best Practices Guide for Controlling Wood Floor Vibration, a document intended to provide practitioners and researchers with state-of-the-art information on controlling floor vibrations.

A must-have guide

FPInnovations’ new best practices guide provides an overview of walking-induced vibrations associated with light-frame wood and mass timber floors based on typical North American construction. It presents the fundamental principles of wood floor vibration induced by normal walking, introduces design methods, and provides design examples. It also provides solutions for reducing vibration of poorly designed floors. Additionally, the principles and procedures of the finite element method design package for floor vibration performance are discussed, and recommendations are provided for performing system analyses to optimize building performance and cost-effectiveness.

The guide provides methods and tools for ensuring that wood floor vibration due to walking can be controlled cost-effectively through proper design and construction practices.

All wood floors can satisfy vibration requirements if they are built with good knowledge of products, design tools, and construction methods.

— Lin Hu, author

Get your copy now!

The guide is now available. It is possible to download a free copy of the guide by visiting this page. Hard copies can also be ordered via FPInnovations’ Amazon library.

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Source: FPInnovations