Visit us at Carrefour Forêt 2023!

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In a world of constant transformation, with climate change and labour shortages as a backdrop, we must question the status quo and deepen our knowledge to adapt to these changes and evolve our ways of doing things.

From April 25 to 27, the Centre des congrès de Québec will host the 2023 edition of Carrefour Forêt under the theme “Knowing. Adapting. Advancing.”

The must-attend meeting of the forestry sector

Carrefour Forêt 2023, an event organized by the ministère des Ressources naturelles et des Forêts, is a major forum for stakeholders in the forestry sector. The 2023 edition includes several components, namely symposiums, workshops, training, visits, as well as networking and exchange activities.

An active presence for FPInnovations

FPInnovations, which specializes in the creation of solutions to support the global competitiveness of Canada’s forest sector, is pleased to be part of Carrefour Forêt 2023, where several presentations will be given on leading-edge topics from our research and activities.

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* Presentations will be given in French

FPInnovations is also pleased to invite participants to a “5@7” networking event on Wednesday, April 26, at the Urban Space (level 3). See you there!

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Source: FPInnovations