Nutrinor switches to new sustainable and FSC-certified packaging

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Agricultural cooperative becomes the first Quebec dairy with carbon neutral packaging

FSC congratulates Quebec-based agricultural and dairy cooperative, Nutrinor, for advancing sustainable business practices, most recently with the switch to carbon-neutral dairy packaging. Beginning in January, the cooperative has been bottling its 1-liter and 2-liter milk in FSC-certified non-bleached containers – bidding adieu to traditional white dairy containers. 

The new packaging requires less materials and manufacturing steps to produce, leading to approximately 50% less emissions compared to previous packaging, according to Nutrinor. Manufacturer, Elopak, then purchases carbon credits to offset remaining greenhouse gas emissions. The result is carbon neutral packaging – the first Quebec dairy to do so. 

“Nutrinor is an important player and an agent of change in the agri-food sector. Our carbon neutral packaging represents a concrete option for consumers looking to improve their social and environmental footprint. It's a unique proposition in fluid milks in Canada,” explains Michael Norman, CEO of Nutrinor in a press release.

Congratulations Nutrinor.

Source: FSC Canada