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The paper, board and pulp manufacturing and converting industry worldwide is undergoing numerous changes, making it increasingly competitive, and the USA is a good example...

The paper, board and pulp manufacturing and converting industry worldwide is undergoing numerous changes, making it increasingly competitive, and the USA is a good example of this. For this reason, companies in the sector are increasingly demanding highly specialized equipment for the industry and excellent customer service, since their competitiveness depends to a large extent not only on their end customers but also on the equipment with which they carry out their operations. Pasaban has been exporting to the USA, for more than three decades, finishing equipment for the paper, cardboard, and pulp manufacturing and converting industry, such as sheeters and winders among other auxiliary equipment.

This long history has given Pasaban a wealth of experience and deep knowledge of the U.S. market. But three of the determining factors to become a reference in the sector are, undoubtedly, to offer an excellent piece of equipment, a high-quality professional service and to maintain a close relationship with its clients.

For this reason, it is of vital importance for Pasaban to offer excellent technical support, with fast, professional, close, and efficient service. This, thanks to its team of specialized technicians, allows it to establish a relationship of trust with customers over time. Thus, one of Pasaban's main values is that customers are at the center of the business.

Unbeatable technical service thanks to the partnership with ROLAND PAPER CONVERTING SERVICES LLC.

To offer an international quality service, especially in such an important and geographically extensive market as the USA (the second-largest paper producer in the world), it is essential to be close to customers when they need it. For this reason, Pasaban has built a solid agreement with Roland Paper Converting Services LLC, whose specialization and importance in the American market allow it to offer an unbeatable service in the field.

The goal is to continue advancing in the U.S. market by offering quality and highly specialized local technical service that provides the customers with the satisfaction that their needs will always be covered. Pasaban Service is a technical service supported by highly qualified engineers in machine overhauls, emergency services, machine installation, and preventive and corrective maintenance. Together with Roland, the ability to meet market demand and accompany customers throughout the process after the sale of new equipment is possible.

Pasaban Service: comprehensive after-sales service

Nowadays, most companies are looking for integrated solutions when choosing a reliable supplier. Pasaban specializes in offering turnkey solutions and carries out total customization of equipment according to the specific needs of customers. This makes it a perfect choice for highly complex projects, with solutions and answers that are totally customer-oriented and customer-centric.

Thanks to the cooperation with Roland, Pasaban offers everything the paper industry requires to achieve greater competitiveness in the market. From the most advanced machinery to a complete after-sales service for paper converting equipment in the USA (Folio paper/cardboard sheeters, Cut-size sheeters, Sheeters and packaging lines for food-wrap formats and grades, Offline and Online Pulp Cutters for different types of cellulose - Market, Fluff, Dissolving..., - winders, packaging lines...) which includes the following services:

On-site maintenance

Pasaban Service also includes corrective maintenance services for machinery. In this way, it is possible to quickly solve any type of specific problems that may arise.

There is also an option for inspection services, analysis of line operation, improvement proposals, and technological adaptation to guarantee the best preventive maintenance.

Remote technical assistance

If there is one thing that stands out in Pasaban, it is the fast, effective and safe response in emergency maintenance situations, such as urgent repairs. For this purpose, there is an online assistance service specially designed to avoid downtime caused by a malfunction. In this way, it is possible to significantly reduce maintenance and operating costs.

85% of the problems and emergencies with Pasaban machines are solved remotely and immediately.

Rebuilds and upgrades

To improve the performance of sheeters and winders and increase their lifetime, it is important to upgrade them before their limit of obsolescence. Pasaban also offers Upgrades services, both for Pasaban machines, as well as for other brands, such as Jagenberg or Bielomatik among others.

The benefits of performing this type of maintenance include increasing machine availability and performance and improving the quality of the finished product. Thus, increasing productivity, mitigating obsolescence, and enabling the automation of some of the machine's processes. 

Spare parts

Pasaban supplies a wide range of mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, and pneumatic spare parts to the customers with their respective warranty, making a great effort to offer the most attractive delivery times possible because it is important to understand the importance that this has for its customers. Likewise, Pasaban promotes a policy of reasonable prices in order to satisfy and retain all its customers.

Relocation of machines

When it comes to moving machines to other plants or locations, Pasaban can take care of disassembly, relocation, assembly at the final destination, and start-up with a full guarantee. There is also an open disposition to study other plans that may be suggested by the customer and that may provide a benefit since for Pasaban being flexible in the ways of doing business and understanding other customer considerations always favors its positioning as a brand.

In addition, as an added value, Pasaban also offers training for new operators, as well as the creation of user manuals and documentation adapted to the new site.

Consulting and troubleshooting

Finally, Pasaban Service includes training and advice for operators and maintenance personnel. The aim is to provide basic training in the operation of the machine acquired and adequate safety training. Pasaban is concerned with helping customers to minimize the risk of accidents. In the same way, it is considered a priority to give good advice for the improvement of processes.

Pasaban was founded in 1928 in Tolosa and, since then, we have been working to offer solutions adapted to each customer, of high quality, and with a comprehensive technical and after-sales service that helps to solve the major challenges of the sector.

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