Sun Paper relies on Pasaban for the supply of eighteen new paper and board sheeters in China

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Sun Paper, one of the largest paper groups in China relies on Pasaban for the supply of 18 new paper and board sheeters for its Yanzhou and Beihai mills.

Founded in 1982, Shandong Sun Holdings Group is one of the leading paper groups in China and a top 50 papermaking company worldwide. It integrates pulp and paper manufacturing and is headquartered in Yanzhou District, Jining City, Shandong Province.

Sun Paper Group is a long-standing customer and has had a relationship with Pasaban for more than 20 years. During this period, multiple projects have been carried out in which more than 40 machines have been supplied.

This past year a total of 3 projects have been carried out. In the first two, 10 new KB 1800 sheeters of 8 unwinds each were added to cut offset paper from the PM 39 in Yanzhou and PM 1 in Beihai. In the third, 8 KB 1800 and KB 2400 sheeters have been supplied for cutting coated board (FBB) from the PM 2 in Beihai.

"These new machines have a high degree of automation, substantially increasing the sheeting capacity of Sun Paper's plants and providing them with the most technologically advanced equipment on the market".

"We consider these projects a significant achievement. It has been a challenge to supply such a large number of paper sheeters, only possible thanks to a close and fluid communication with the customer carried out by our subsidiary in China". Carlos Muriel, Pasaban's Sales Director.

Pasaban remains committed to providing its customers with customized solutions that contribute to increasing their competitiveness and positioning them as quality benchmarks worldwide.

Source: Pasaban