The importance of cooperating with the customer to build a relationship of trust

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The sales process can sometimes be long and tedious, most of the time customer service is performed in a superficial manner and the customer's requirements are not analyzed in a professional and comprehensive way. 

Nowadays any leading company needs to offer an excellent and holistic customer experience. Taking that into account, at Pasaban we are aware of this, and that is why we strive to take care of the relationship with our customers, advocating for a consultative sales approach based on is technical and professional advice. Therefore, we define the process in nine steps:  

Firstly, we analyze the customer's needs. Each company is different, depending on the sector type, the manufacturing processes, and the production and the quality required, a specific solution must be adapted for each customer. The customer will always deal with professionals who will offer the best possible advice.  

Secondly, and after studying the customer's needs, we proceed to study its processes and the layout in order to offer the best solution. Our R&D team together with our technicians will develop a customized solution according to your needs.  

After conceptualizing the initial solution, we cooperate with the customer to optimize the project according to his needs. Nobody knows the company as well as the customer, so throughout the definition process we make sure that our proposals are aligned with theirs.  

Once the solution is validated, we proceed to adjust it based on the customer’s suggestions to find the final configuration.  

Finally, we put the project into operation fulfilling the agreed commitments, thus achieving a fast and effective installation and start-up. In this last but important step, we make sure that all our processes are highly efficient, since, if anything distinguishes us, it is the care and precision we apply in every service we offer.  

At Pasaban we are committed to accompanying the client throughout the entire purchase cycle, the execution of the project and the after-sales service. Trust cannot be achieved in a day, it has to be worked on to create and build close and fruitful long-term relationships. 

Source: Pasaban