Pasaban Focuses on Upgrades of Paper and Cardboard Sheeters and Winders

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Pasaban Upgrades, the ideal solution to get the best out of your paper and cardboard converting equipment.  

Upgrading sheeters and winders is essential if you want to increase the life of old machines and improve their performance.  

The benefits of this type of maintenance include increasing the availability and the performance of the machine and improving the quality of the finished product. In turn, you will increase productivity, mitigate obsolescence and enable the automation of some of the machine's processes. 

This is why we believe it is essential for companies that have acquired Pasaban machines or machines from other brands such as Jagenberg or Bielomatik to continue to get the most out of these great machines. 

Our expertise in the world of converting machines enable us to suggest the best improvement proposals or technological adaptations. Usually by adding new controls, HMIs and simplifying the use and maintenance of old equipment. In this way, we can refurbish, modernize or upgrade the sheeters and winders to the current needs of the customer.  

Our commitment is to exhaustively analyse all possible options to improve the performance of your converting machines.  

Pasaban Upgrades is part of Pasaban Service, which offers a series of services aimed at manufacturers, converters and packagers or printers. These include Remote support, Maintenance service, online spare parts store and machine relocations.  

Finally, and in order to continue offering the best possible service to our customers, we have compiled an up-to-date Upgrades catalogue available at your disposal. 

Source: Pasaban