COMART increases its cutting capacity by installing a Pasaban paper sheeting machine

Process Optimization
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Comart, a specialised distributor in the supply of paper cardboard and flexible films has the largest private warehouse in Spain with a permanent stock of more than 10.000 tonnes of rolls and sheets. It is one of the few distributors that can guarantee a 24-hour supply service in Spain, France and Portugal. 

To provide a highly efficient service that covers all the needs of the packaging & graphic industries, Comart offers a wide variety of folding, recycled boards, kraftliner and coated papers. With a workforce of more than 100 people, its 30.000m2 of offices, warehouses and production centres are located in Barcelona, Girona and Toledo (Spain).  

Customer challenge.

With the inclusion of Spirax and Sumapel, the new facilities in Barcelona were opened in 2015. Since then, COMART has acquired the latest generation paper sheeting machines, paper winding machines and ream wrappers. 

“Within our growth strategy, we saw the need to increase our cutting capacity and widen our range of formats to continue facing up to the challenges of a very competitive market.” Ernest Ginjaume, CEO. 

To achieve these objectives and with the clear intention of improving the conversion quality and operations, they contacted Pasaban to jointly study a solution.  

The Solution.

To provide the optimum solution Pasaban carried out an extensive analysis of the current situation.   The factory required a new machine to substantially increase their cutting capacity and to widen the range of sheet formats. It is for this reason that a turnkey project was proposed with two main actions.

One action was the design and manufacture of a new wider-width sheeter with automatic pallet change; the second was to automate the pile delivery system so to transfer the piles of paper to the loading and unloading bays. 

The KB 2300 paper sheeting machine is able to manage a wide range of formats with an operating speed of 350 m/min. Equipped with an automatic splicing unwind stand, the sheeter is also capable of changing pallets at maximum speed. 

This new paper sheeting machine allowed COMART to improve the flexibility of the factory. 

On the other hand, in order to automate the output of the different sheeting machines several conveyors were installed. Now, the piles of paper leaving the sheeting machines are able to automatically enter into the baler and are directly transferred to the loading and unloading bays.

Thanks to this improvement, the overall efficiency of the plant has been improved.   “Pasaban has given us the solution we needed to make the necessary improvements to our factory in Barcelona” Ernest Ginjaume, CEO.

The Result.

At the end of the project Comart has achieved the following results:

  1. A 30% increase in the factory's production.
  2. A wider range of cut paper formats.
  3. A substantial reduction of in-progress inventory (WIP).
  4. Overall plant efficiency improvement.

“We are extremely happy with the results achieved. Thanks to this investment we will continue to be a benchmark in the conversion and distribution of paper in southern Europe”, Ernest Ginjaume, CEO

“The continuous investment in automating the factory allow us to improve the internal logistics. It directly impacts on improved speed, efficiency and service quality”, states Lluís Mª Ginjaume, chairman and company founder.    

Pasaban, trust and professionalism.

At Pasaban we firmly believe we must continuously offer our customers high quality machines and solutions alongside with an impeccable service to gain their trust. Meeting these requirements is what makes us leaders in the design and manufacturing of machinery for the conversion of paper and cardboard. 

Fully customized turnkey projects like the one for Comart are only possible thanks to the know-how of our engineers and a close cooperation with our customers. 

“At Comart, we consider Pasaban to be a trusted supplier for the group”

Source: Pasaban