Pasaban - Paper sheeter

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The perfect solution in board/paper sheeting customized as per each customer’s requirement.

Simplex paper sheeting machine conceived for implementation in conversion plants, paper mill finishing rooms and/or paper or cardboard factories demanding high flexibility, substantial production requirements and high finished product quality.

Available options

  • Motorized or automatic Slitter positioning
  • Motorized or automatic positioning of jogger plates, backstops, wedges and tapes.
  • Pallet change at maximum speed
  • Automatic empty pallet feeder
  • Dust removal system for the slitting section.
  • Segmented reject gate.
  • Rejected sheet shredding.
  • Double suction box without wheels at the overlapping section for a mark free result.


An outstanding example of high technology combined with variable automatic options meant for a diversity of customers.

Allows widths of up to 2600 mm and speeds of up to 350m/min.

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